I have been a first-class slacker for the past more than several months in terms of posting stuff to this here blog, and fully two of my three regular readers have noticed this. One thought I might be dead; the other figured I had been abducted by aliens and had taken my Chet Helms biography manuscript with me.  I could, of course, make excuses for my slackerism, but the only one I can think of is, “My dog ate my keyboard.”

Truth is, I have retreated into a sort of self-imposed solitary confinement to focus on writing the story of Chet’s life, after spending almost five years doing primary research.  Which proves, if nothing else, that I’m not all that into instant gratification.

Anyway, the Chet book is going very well and I can almost see the rainbow at the end of the tunnel. I’m seriously considering posting occasional excerpts from the book in this space, so I’m asking all three of you to check in once in a while.

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