Family Dog – 1966

This photograph of Family Dog, friends and associates was taken by Herb Greene in a vacant lot on Pine Street, probably during the summer of 1966.

Can anyone out there, if there is anyone out there, help fill in the blanks? Any information will be much appreciated.

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  1. Sorry, Chet. I struck out on the blanks. And chance of getting Herb to scan the original neg in bright clear highly enlarged computer image?

  2. #5 is Martin Gorac aka Martoon the Magician – Achemist Extrordinaire…and I am #6, sitting next to him in the Irish sweater and hip-hugger lme green pants (Salvator Giovanni Lombardo told me the photo was going to be shot IMMEDIATELY, and there was no time to get decked out!)…over an hour later the picture was taken… Bill Ham has another view, blown up wall size that’s just wonderful. It was taken next door (in a vacant lot) to a woman’s house that Martoon woulld refer to as “the witch”…usually connected to “Clean up the house (hide your stash) real good…the heat is coming!” I always did exactly as warned by Martoon, and I’m pretty sure it worked as preventative medicine. The “witch” was amazing to finally see. She came out at one point in a robe or the like, heavy set and funky looking…she later came out (must have been after she put on a corset) all decked out…beautiful outfit, madeup face, cool hairdo….amazing transformation! Maryalice told me you were looking for help with names for the Dog photo…

  3. Oops! Mispelled Alchemist…. I never heard Martoon called Marty! Martin or Martoon or Toon…never Marty. #18 is Allen Stone…I think #41 is Bill Ham…and Sancho Panza – if ever there was a dog who WAS the Family Dog, it would have been him, but WE (including some others not in the picture, like Salvatore Givanni Lombardo and his sweetheart Joanne,and Paul (with the long blonde hair and motorcycle) who lived in the room under the stairs below Martoon in the Dog house, and Jack Toll and Ellen Harmon and Stanley Mouse and Robert Dries…we were the Family Dog. Sancho lived with David Homicz, whos truck, with the Family Dog logo on its’ side, is the one pictured.

  4. No.8 does anybody know if David Homicz is originally from the Detroit Area? Anybody know his whereabouts?
    Iam an old, old amigo. Thanks.

    • I’m David Homicz’s cousin David died
      in California, originally from Detroit Area

      Lynne Waldorf

  5. Do you know made and owns the family dog logo. I have a 1978 poster “Mota-Warrior Cosmic Marijana Almanac” it has a logo that looks like it came from the family dog. Do have any information this growers choice marijuana ferilizer Poster. I came a Cross it in Santa Rosa, Calif. thank you Josh

  6. #7 is my long time friend. Dick Peterson. I heard many, many interesting stories from Dick about the Family Dog days.

  7. oh wait. Dick Peterson looks like #8., not #7. but apparently that is David Homicz. Does the name Dick Peterson ring a bell for anyone?

  8. I just found out yesterday, thanks to Sam Andrew, that Martoon’s last name is spelled Gorak, not Gorac….Master of the Mystic Poobah. # 3 is Mark Maxum (last name Maxman? maybe) came from Detroit…#36 is not Janis…he’s a wonderful man….James?…I can’t remember right now for sure, but he was really handsome with a heart of gold.

  9. #6 is Sharon Carol Herman….

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