While researching the life of Chet Helms during the past three-and-a-half years, I have stumbled across a number of inconsequential, but nonetheless amazing coincidences. Here are two examples:

1) Chet is, of course, inexorably linked with Janis Joplin. The relevant coincidence? Well, both Chet’s maternal great-grandmother and and his fraternal grandmother were born in…Joplin, Missouri.

2) Chet is also inexorably linked with 1090 Page Street in San Francisco, site of the sprawling Victorian from which Big Brother and the Holding Company, under his guidance, emerged in 1965.  The relevant coincidence? Well, the elementary school Chet attended in Fort Worth, Texas in the early ’50s was on…Page Street.

As Joseph Heller was fond of saying, “Go figure.”

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  1. Simply astounding, Greg. I can’t believe these so-called ‘amazing coincidences’ are simply coincidences. Could there be a divine hand at work here? Are you sure you have thoroughly researched every angle? Have you consulted the sibble?

  2. Re the thoroughness of my research, I still don’t have the name of Chet’s second grade teacher, which is driving me nuts because it’s a crucial part of the book.

    Yeah, I have long felt that an unseen someone has been helping me out once in a while. More than a few folks have suggested that Chet is contributing.

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