The Chet Bio Table of Contents

A Perfect Hippie

The Life and Times of Chet Helms

Forward by Sam Andrew

Introduction: A Child of Summer

Part I (1942 – 1959)

Primal Stomp

Beet Root City

Bible Stomp

Part II (1960 – 1969)


San Francisco: Sometimes a Great Motion

Texas Two Stomp: Chet and Janis

1090 Page Street

The Family Dog

The Avalon Ballroom

Threadbare Circus: The Summer of Love

Denver Dog

The Dog in the Fog

Part III (1970 – 1979)

Demise of the Dog

San Francisco Blues

The Revival Stomps

Part IV (1980 – 2005)

Atelier Dore’

Legal Stomp 

Maritime Dog

Summer of Love 30th

Final Stomp

Chapter Notes



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So Sue Me

OK, so I lied, or, as I prefer to say, I seem to have bitten off more than I  can chew. A while back, I boldy stated in this space that the Chet blog was back, baby, but I hadn’t counted on being caught up in the throes of a previously unknown  productive streak with the manuscript of Chet’s biography.

‘Tis true. For the past six weeks or so, I have been positively crankin’  on the book and it my goal is to complete the first draft by summer’s end.  During those six weeks, I have burrowed deeply into my cave, thus depriving everyone the pleasure of my relentless charm and humor. This has caused much distress amongst the two or three people who claimed to enjoy my relentless charm and humor. It has also relieved countless others of having to endure my relentless charm and humor. To the former group, I say, “I’m sorry.” To the latter group I say, “You’re welcome.”

And to everyone who has contributed to telling Chet’s story, I say, once again, “Thank you.” I shall never be able to say it often enough.

How lucky I am.

Finally, I have a working title for Chet’s bio, but I am wide open to suggestions from the troops. (You, by the way, are the troops.)

Your move.

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