Love, Janis Addendum



Shortly after publishing my last post, I stumbled across the photo I had mentioned in the piece. I have no idea who snapped the shutter, but I do know that the shutter was snapped outside the Mason Street entrance of Chet’s apartment building before we walked down the hill to see “Love, Janis.”

I also know that Julius Karpen and I are in a deep discussion on the bottom left. As I recall, he was saying, “C’mon, man, forget the Chet bio and write my story.”

(Settle down, kids. That’s a big, fat joke and you know it.)

The woman leaning against the wall above my left shoulder is Ann Cohen, who appears to be lost in thought.  George Hunter is the guy in the hat and light jacket just behind Ann. Another True Original, Albert Neiman, is on George’s left, wearing glasses and a dark blue shirt. Peter Kraemer is behind George and Albert, wearing a light blue shirt.

These are most of the folks who crammed into Chet’s former digs that evening, but quite a few others didn’t make it outside for the photo shoot. I think they may have gotten wedged together in the tiny kitchen.

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  1. I have been by that palace, albeit a seeming thousand years ago. It couldn’t be that long, but it feels like it. Dangling on the edge of Chinatown, the edge of the continent is just downhill from there. Well, at least you can see it.

    I have always loved buildings like that and, in my property management phase, I rehabilitated more than a couple of buildings of the same vintage. That’s what caught my eye first. Buildings with character attract people with character.

  2. Wow, I had to catch up on your bloggery…I’d fallen way behind. I saw Love, Janis in NYC, and was very moved by it. I’d run many features on Janis in Relix, and know the Big Brother guys. I actually just got an email on a new book release discussing life for the band after Janis, and how difficult it was for them to maintain their own identity once she moved on. I recently saw 900 Nights, a revealing documentary on Janis and the band’s evolution in retrospect–interesting. Very interesting.
    Ok, I’ll stop writing a blog on your blog now…peace!

  3. Old friend, looking for Julius Karpen. If you have a contact email or phone, let me know. Or, if you’re reluctant, ask Julius to contact me.

  4. Hope things are going good on the Chet bio. Can’t wait to pick up a copy when it’s done. He was such a special person.
    Enjoy the blog also. Be well, & thanks.

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