Two Words…

…Roy Orbison.

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  1. One word . . . why?

    Missy M

  2. Three words…Because he rocks, man.

  3. Four words . . . why, all of a sudden?

    OK – eleven more words . . . and what does he have to do with Chet, pray tell?

  4. Well, Malinda Ann, to answer your first question, I was listening to ‘ol Roy, whom I have admired for decades, while working on the book one recent night and was moved to write two words.

    To answer your second question: Obviously, Mr. Orbison has absolutely nothing to do with Chet, but as I said in my very first post, this blog will MOSTLY be about Chet. And, of course, it mostly is.

    I can’t help it if every once in a while something non-Chet – KISS, Roy Orbison or whatever – sneaks in.

    It’s all totally beyond my control. I just work here.

  5. Thank you and don’t worry. Everything goes well with Chet.

    So what’s your favorite Roy song? And don’t say it’s “Pretty Woman.” Mine is, “In Dreams.”

    Malinda Ann

  6. I ain’t worried ’bout nuthin,’ and my favorite Roy songs are “Blue Bayou” and “Only the Lonely” with everything else he ever recorded, including “Pretty Woman,” running a close second.

    One of my all-time favorite albums is the Traveling Wilbury’s, Volume Two: Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynn and George Harrison. It is unbelievably good from the first note to the last.

  7. Yes, I happen to have and like that one as well. We seem the have the same taste. Who are you?

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