A New Regular Feature

Having twice upon a time been a member of the editorial staff of a couple of national publications, I am aware that most magazines contain regular features that are designed to breed reader familiarity while providing mirthful entertainment or useful information, sometimes both. So it occurred to me that perhaps these pages might be enhanced by a such a feature or two.

Toward that end, I would like to introduce our first regular feature: Five Years Ago in The Chet Helms Chronicles – A Glance Back. Once a month I’m going to stuff my sorry carcass into a Level 4 bio-hazard suit and descend deep into the dank, disgusting bowels of The Chet Helms Chronicles Building where our archives are stored. I am then going to select a gem from a half-decade ago and re-post it for your reading and listening pleasure.

Tell me that won’t be fun.

Wait. Hold on a sec. My staff has just informed my that there are no five-year-old archives in the basement because (a) we don’t have a basement, (b) we don’t have a building, (c) the archives we do have are stored on-line, and (d) we have very few archives because The Chronicles is less than a month old.

I probably should have thought about all of those things, or at least one of them, but I didn’t.


And this, my friends, is just one more example of why I have a staff in the first place.



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  1. Hey, when does the next chapter start? What happened next?

  2. pulls up chair..

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