What This is All About

OK, Kids, here’s the deal.

First of all, the title of this initial post isn’t entirely accurate. This isn’t all about anything, but it is, or will be, mostly about my ongoing two-and-a-half year effort to research and accurately document the life and times of Chester Leo Helms Jr., a.k.a. Chet Helms, the media-dubbed “Father of The Summer of Love.” In other words, I intend to write what might be best described as the biography of a biography.


But why, you might ask, would you try to do this?

The honest and simple answer is that many weird, wonderful and – Dare I say it? – miraculous, uh, things have happened with the Chet bio and I want to share them. But there’s another reason beyond that one. I envision this as a means of keeping the incredibly kind, cooperative and helpful folks to whom I have spoken about Chet, either in person, via email or on the phone, as well as all the no doubt incredibly kind, cooperative and helpful folks with whom I plan to speak, informed about the book and its progress.

So let’s begin at the beginning, shall we?


Next time.

Laissez les bon temps roulez!

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  1. Great idea!
    Do keep posting about your progress in the interesting matter Of Chet and his wonderful life – and as a by product of all that fascinating course of discovery – maybe the excitement of it all might coax a few of us remaining SF’60s ol’ timers to get back in touch with one another more often – just for the fun of it if nothing else!
    Thanks tons! – Wes Wilson

  2. Greg, Please consider including your beautifully written piece on your first meeting with Chet. I just reread it on the “Pondering Pig” blog. Once again it made my heart ache. Your writing is lyrical and “cut to the bone” at the same time. For all those who knew Chet intimately, and also loved him, it will be a nostalgic moment, bordering on a painful longing (at least it is for me). A “Remembrance of Things Past.”

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